What I watched this week

Foreword: As a matter of fact, it is purely a coincidence that all three of these films are in someway related to crime. I will however try to be a bit more diverse next week.

M (1931)

Fritz Lang’s classic drama/mystery masterpiece is not only one of my personal favourite films but It’s also an excellent, timeless crime film. After a series of child killings, a thick aura of paranoia and fear rests over Berlin, Germany and as tension rises, the killer soon reveals himself in a spectacular turn of acting greatness from Peter Lorre.

I don’t think anyone can deny the influence this film has had on the crime sub genre ever since It’s original release. And It’s also notable for being brave enough to show Hans Beckert’s (played by Lorre) point of view. And considering the fact based elements of the film at the time of It’s release, I consider It to be another reason to respect Lang and the work he was capable of.

Not only that but If you’re someone who’s maybe a bit cautious about older cinema, M is definitely one I’d recommend and hopefully It may even convince you to check out more older films.

Brawl In Cell Block 99 (2017)

This was a film I’d been putting off for some time purely for the fact that there was just so many more films released last year that I really wanted to see, and to be honest this should’ve been at the top of my list because…damn. This was brutal in all the right ways.

Not only that, but It’s definitely the finest bit of acting that I’ve ever seen from Vaughn. There’s not really too much I can say about the plot as It’s pretty self explanatory but ostensibly an out of luck, somewhat unstable drug dealer goes to prison but when his wife and unborn child are placed in danger, he’s forced to commit some seriously harsh and violent crimes whilst incarcerated.

The film may not be well received by those who lack a strong enough stomach, but overall I thought It was one of the best films released last year.

Double Indemnity (1944)

Double Indemnity is a film that I’ve seen a couple of times now and whilst It’s not my favourite Billy Wilder film, that doesn’t dispute the fact that It is still one of the finest film noir crime thrillers that I’ve ever seen. The film’s plot revolves around two people (Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray) scheming to kill a man for the sake of Phyllis, the man’s wife (played by Stanwyck) who seeks to live off of her husband’s insurance claim.

For the sake of spoilers, I won’t talk too much about what conclusions develop and how events take place but I can confidently say that not only is Double Indemnity a timeless hit from the 1940’s, but It’s also a thriller that managed to help set the bar for the genre and It continues to please new viewers today with It’s dark undertones, stellar performances and It’s twists around every other corner.

In fact I’d go as far to say that this film may have also influenced Hitchcock in his later years of American film making.

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