Director focusing: Ingmar Bergman

Over his long and extensive career Ingmar Bergman directed on 71 different occasions. His filmography consists of feature films, TV movies, documentaries, shorts, a series of made for TV mini series’ and a segment in 1967’s Stimulantia. He was nominated for 9 academy awards, and up until and after his passing in 2007, managed to […]

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Thoughts on Mean Creek

Back in 2004 a somewhat unknown film maker who at the time only had one short film under his directorial filmography, released a coming of age film to the world that would rival the very idea of what a coming of age film should be like, that film was Mean Creek. Admittedly It has become […]

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What I watched this week

Foreword: As a matter of fact, it is purely a coincidence that all three of these films are in someway related to crime. I will however try to be a bit more diverse next week. M (1931) Fritz Lang’s classic drama/mystery masterpiece is not only one of my personal favourite films but It’s also an […]

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